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All About Boom Coffee Company

From Machines to Beans. In 1996, Wisconsin native Daniel Boom began selling and servicing the acclaimed La Cimbali espresso machines to restaurant and cafe clients in the Milwaukee area, under the name “Boom Brothers”. With two decades of experience in the food and beverage industries, Dan knew that the specialty coffee market was primed for explosive growth.

But working with his clients in the field told another story — some struggled to understand the extensive business of coffee: bean varietals, blends, roasting, and the brewing of an excellent cup of coffee or espresso.

He also knew that many clients were looking for something different; something they could call their own. It was then that Dan recognized the need to offer premium coffees and side-lines to go with this high-end equipment. Having researched local roasters but not being satisfied with their bean quality, availability, and ability to keep up with the demands of large accounts, he began his search for the perfect roaster and business partner.

A Roaster on the Move…

Enter Timothy Tulloch, Master Roaster, CEO and Founder of European Roasterie, Inc. Raised in Scotland and educated at Oxford, Timothy’s coffee background was extensive and unusual by American standards. As a coffee buyer in the ‘80s for the Swiss company EDM Schluter, Timothy crisscrossed the globe, learning cupping skills in Hamburg, Germany. He discovered the best coffee roasting techniques, as well as how to select the highest quality green Arabica beans from around the African Continent. His vision was far-reaching, and he focused on Fair Trade business practices, organic farming, and developing close relationships with coffee growers and farmers. But it would take a chance meeting in Zaire, Africa, to relocate Timothy to the U.S. with his Minnesota-born bride, whom he met while she was in the Peace Corps.

A Perfect Pairing Makes the Perfect Cup

In 1992, European Roasterie, Inc. opened. Daniel Boom met Tim at The Specialty Coffee Expo in 1996, during which Dan’s vision of helping his wholesale customers increase their profits through specialty coffees began to take shape. The two joined forces, developing premium private labels and blends for their customers, as well as what is now known as the Boom Coffee Line. 26 years later, this partnership continues. You, our dear customer, can count on personally sourced, hand-selected beans from growing regions on multiple continents, ensuring consistent quality.

How We Roast

The unique and delicious flavor of Boom Coffee is produced using the 1950’s German Probat Small Batch Roasters. Care is taken to not over-roast, leaving the essence and subtle nuances in tact. Only premium Arabica beans are used, even in our large line of Dark Roasts, where other roasters will blend in a cheaper Robusta bean. Not us.

Besides our featured signature blends, we offer a comprehensive lineup: Kosher Certified, Fair Trade Organic, Single Origin, Signature Blends, Decaf, Cold Brew, and Flavored Coffee, to name just a few. Customers can select from 12oz, 2lb, or 5lb bags, with whole bean and multiple grind options. Shipping times average from 1-4 business days, depending on location.

Who We Serve

As the market continues to grow and change, Dan’s passion and commitment to the coffee industry ensures you’ll have the products and services for wholesale success, or to simply enjoy our coffee from home. From the individual consumer brewing aromatic coffee pots in their kitchen, to a hard-working coffee shop serving its happy customers, all the way to a broadline distributor needing a quality line of coffees at competitive prices, Boom Coffee delivers.

Let Dan and his team’s experience in product, equipment, market trends and business start-up, paired with an extensive line of award-winning coffees, help your business move forward in your coffee venue. Whether you are in need of high-end coffee, equipment, and/or service, we’d like to welcome you to the Boom Coffee family.