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New look! Same great coffee!

Notice anything new? Boom Coffee is launching a new signature line of coffee with some fun new labels made by our friends at Mindspike in Milwaukee, WI. We were so excited about these new coffees and labels that we thought ‘hey, what the heck, let’s redo all our packaging and our... Read more.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home, The Easy Way

If you're a fan of cold brew coffee, you might be wondering how to make this refreshing drink from home, without the hassle. With this installment of the Brew How-To blog, delicious cold brew is just three easy steps away! Not only will you save loads of cash doing so... Read more.

The History of Coffee – Part Two

The History of Coffee, Part II We pick up from our previous History of Coffee blog with the Battle at Kahlenberg (1683). This historic clash ended with the United Imperial Army successfully liberating Vienna, after two months of siege at the hands of the Ottoman army. Among the goods left behind by the Ottomans were... Read more.

The History of Coffee – Part One

Where did it all begin? So, who do we thank (or blame, depending on your caffeine reliance) for the aromatic, palate-pleasing, jump-starting beverage of coffee? We know that coffee was a major part of Ethiopian and Yemenite culture from the 7th century on. The history of coffee is generally believed... Read more.

How to Make Turkish Coffee (6 Steps)

Turkish Coffee is a brewing tradition which originated in the Middle East, yet is regularly enjoyed by coffee-lovers worldwide. In order to brew this tasty, bold drink at home, you'll need: An Ibrik pot, sometimes referred to as a "cezve." Water, either room temperature or cold. Coffee beans and a (burr)... Read more.