Boom Boom Organic Fair Trade Espresso - Boom Coffee

Boom Boom Organic Fair Trade Espresso


An authentic Italian blend, with a rich body and sweet crema. With low acidity, this extraordinary 5-bean blend is roasted to medium-dark.

USDA Organic & Fair Trade Certified.

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Espresso Blend

These Espresso beans are carefully blended and roasted to produce shots brimming with rich taste and luxuriant crema.

Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Fair Trade 100% Organic Certified Coffee.

The Fair Trade certification is given to coffee that has been bought according to Fair Trade standards. This requires that the price paid to the farmer be a set to a minimum, normally above the market rate.  These coffee farmers can then afford a better life, and not be subject to the price swings of commodities.

Our Roast Master maintains long-standing relationships with these farmers where our beans are sourced.