Relax Caff Signature Series Decaf - Boom Coffee

Relax Caff Signature Series Decaf


Don’t have a cow. Kick back, relax and enjoy our signature decaf blend.

USDA Organic & Fair Trade Certified.

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Signature Blends

The ultimate challenge for any Roast Master is to consistently blend two or more beans of origin, in order to create desired taste and flavor profiles. Coaxing the the maximum potential out of each bean is a skill, very much akin to that of a Winemaker or Brew Master.


Enjoy the same exceptional taste without the stimulating side effects of caffeine.

How is decaf made? The caffeine is removed from decaf beans before they are roasted, while the coffee beans are still considered “green beans.” The beans are first soaked in water, then later in solvents that remove the caffeine content.

These solvents (which are FDA-approved) are used over and over, from batch-to-batch, allowing them to soak up the compounds of beans and pass those taste qualities on to the next batch. This ensures that the complex flavorings of our beans are not lost.