Vienna Organic Fair Trade Decaf - Boom Coffee

Vienna Organic Fair Trade Decaf


Perfect blend of light and dark roast, very smooth.

USDA Organic & Fair Trade Certified.

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Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Fair Trade 100% Organic Certified Coffee.

The Fair Trade certification is given to coffee that has been bought according to Fair Trade standards. This requires that the price paid to the farmer be a set to a minimum, normally above the market rate.  These coffee farmers can then afford a better life, and not be subject to the price swings of commodities.

Our Roast Master maintains long-standing relationships with these farmers where our beans are sourced.


Enjoy the same exceptional taste without the stimulating side effects of caffeine.

How is decaf made? The caffeine is removed from decaf beans before they are roasted, while the coffee beans are still considered “green beans.” The beans are first soaked in water, then later in solvents that remove the caffeine content.

These solvents (which are FDA-approved) are used over and over, from batch-to-batch, allowing them to soak up the compounds of beans and pass those taste qualities on to the next batch. This ensures that the complex flavorings of our beans are not lost.